Squash the Competition (286da58d)

Smack talk goes here for Squash the Competition! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/286da58d-a31c-49d3-a232-968714478252

We are underway now - hopefully I didn’t mess anything up. It looks to be the same as gmr for creating. Good luck all - remember only victory condition is domination, and there are no limit to the number of turns.

I guess neighbour relationships won’t be too kind then xD

:frowning: someone quit already. btw, i keep a list of players that do such and do not allow them in future games.


I’d like to clarify that I left your game for two reasons. Firstly, because I’m a bit short of time and I am already in a lot of games, and secondly, because having Tamar with a substandard spawn in a game full of warmongers was going to be hella painful. So I decided to leave instead of devoting more time into an activity I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy.

I apologize anyways and I will understand if you decide to put me on that list of yours, but I am a player who plays his turns regularly and always try to do my best on the games I’m in.


I’m traveling and won’t be able to play my next turn until around the 18th.

Same with myself actually… I’m leaving tonight, and will be back on the 19th.

I’ll be traveling from August 20th until about August 24th. Will be moving, but should have internet access again around then.

@harre Just checking if you are still with us and playing this game?

Yeah, sorry. I have had some computer issues and have been busy with work. I’ll play my turn as soon as I get a chance.

An official PYDT Discord channel has been setup at https://discord.gg/wP7THyu for anyone interested.

starting a Gathering Storm game, “Mom, the volcano is erupting again . . …” pw is “gameboy” if anyone wants to join in :smiley:

Congrats on the victory Leviathan. Military victory as Germany. GG :smiley:

Thanks, GG! I kept getting worried nukes were going to take out my front lines.