Small Fractal (eaa9ee5a)

Smack talk goes here for Small Fractal! Game URL:

The game is underway. When I set up the game I had to uncheck the Nubian DLC. If you have a problem playing the first turn you may need to uncheck the Nubian DLC, or maybe not.

Good luck everybody.

I am currently not able to load the save file. This must be because of the update. Unfortunately, I only have access to a Mac right now, and the update for Mac is not available yet. I will be able to play on a PC in about a week, if the Mac update has not arrived before that.

Thanks for the update. Hope you get the patch soon. We will wait for you.

My PC died on me the other day, and I am not sure when I will get it back. Feel free to kick me if you need to go on with the game, otherwise I will continue playing as soon as I get it back.

Congratulations to Aleks0811 for his Science victory! Well played.

Yeah, I think we could have seen this coming 100 turns ago. :slight_smile: Congrats!