Scenario - Red Death Battle Royale (Vanilla)

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Hotseat Game Settings
Enable additional content: Multiplayer Scenario: Red Death
Set ruleset to: Red Death (Battle Royale)
Map: Pangea (Beginner) to Archipelago (Advanced)

PYDT create game settings :
DLC Support: None
“Only allow random Civ selection:” - tick
Map Type: Other / Custom Size
Map Size: Other / Custom Size
Map Speed: Other / Custom Speed

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#### **Scenario Description**

Red Death is Civilization 6's spin on a Battle Royale mode. 
Play as survivors vying for the only ticket off a dying planet. 

Last one standing is the winner!

**Tactical Intel**

* We lose if our Civilians are dead.

* Search City Ruins, Raider Outposts, and Supply Drops for additional units and supplies.
* Raider Outposts and Supply Drops have better supplies.
* The Red Death is advancing in stages and getting progressively stronger.
* The Red Death's progress and intensity is tracked on the top bar.
* All water sources are toxic to our units.

**Victory Conditions**
* Last one standing
* If your civilian unit dies (your last one), you lose.

Prepare your self -

**Additional Info**
* Nuclear blast radius is 2 moves away from the center tile.

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#### **My Description**
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The radius of a nuclear device is 3 tiles.


A fun quick game. I tend to have one going all the time.

Be mindful of which map type you select as water is toxic. You can use this to make the game more difficult.