SavoyShuffle (d08dc96d)

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Playing Mali in an always war game is tough. Playing Mali in an always war game and meeting a strong aggressive civ on turn 9 is even tougher. Gonna be a challenge.

Damn, and I started the game, and posted the conditions…

Mea culpa - will declare next turn...

It happens. We’ve all been there.

There may be a bug in the game but I won’t know until next turn. I selected a pantheon and the effects didn’t happen immediately like I thought they would. I thought the effects were always immediate. If the effects don’t show up next turn I will ask to revert the turn. This could be a game changer.

Looks like the pantheon is good. I thought it would reflect immediately, but turns out it only shows up on the following turn. Odd.

Was that a revert? Need it back farther?

?? I don’t think i reverted.

It’s not a revert. It’s a new turn.

I am probably confusing turns.

Wondering if I should find another (type of) game to play.
About to lose my capital to barbs.

I didn’t know they would attack inside borders at this level. But in an always war game, one should have units :confused:

No denying that, but my units were elsewhere.

It seems like the barbs may be programmed to only humiliate capitals, not actually take them. Having reduced me to a 2mm red bar, they then messed around for a bit, and have now probably missed their chance.

Death by humiliation? Been there done that, will likely do it again.

Sounds like our zombie game. That was a complete embarrassment for me.

Two things puzzle me.

  • I always somehow do better with China, although not sure why.
  • How do you take so many cities with an armed strength of 56 ?

I’m not taking them. That’s the power of Mali.

You have a nasty habit of gifting me insufficient piles of production, in scant compensation for heroes I have missed out on.
Well played…

Well let’s just hope I don’t throw away are more of my units. But technically, those last two units you just killed were actually your units so it didn’t hurt too much. Losing my heroes though… :frowning:

Can you please revert ?

When I load this save it shows as 1kb only, and a messed up definition in the settings panel, and obvs will not load.

As far as correlation goes, I attempted to play this right after the new game. ?

Hold that. Think i have found a solution.