Revert game back 3 turns

Hi there!
A few weeks ago we’ve migrated to this awesome platform after our Cloud Game in Civ 6 unfortunately crashed :(.

However, our host seems to have made a small mistake and uploaded the wrong initial save (turn 52 instead of 51), which we only found out a few turns later. Would you be so kind to revert us back to turn 51 for Atanhel (our host)? Thank you so much!

It’s about this game:

PS I know I’m not the host/admin, but he’s not too familiar with PYDT, so I’m sending this on his behalf.

I’m not sure what you’re asking - if you want me to reset the game save itself to turn 51 I can’t do that without the actual save file, if the host has the right save file they can use the admin option “Reset Game State on Next Upload” and upload the correct file.

Thanks for your fast reply!

I’ll try to explain the situation a bit more. We were playing a Cloud game via Civ 6, but it crashed halfway turn 51 and the only(!) thing we could salvage was an autosave (made by the last player in the list at turn 50). So the first player (Atanhel aka Peter the Great) in the list should be able to use that save to start at turn 51 (I’ve attached the save to this post). We then asked Atanhel to be our host (since the first player must be the host), but that’s where something went wrong and we started at turn 52. We also tried your advice (“Reset Game State on Next Upload”) but the host says he can’t get it to work. We’re now at turn 52 again but now the second player (Paraseus) getting an error when he tries to download his save file (error message is attached as well).

Would you be able to set things up in such a way that we start the game at turn 51 again and Atanhel can download his turn via the client? Once we get things going properly, I might contact you again to make me the host (which would simplify things quite a bit). Thanks again and apologies for the inconvenience!

Turn 51 - Peter the Great.Civ6Save (1.5 MB)

Error message.txt (296 Bytes)

I really don’t know what’s happening, PYDT isn’t able to really advance turns other than setting players to AI control and I don’t know why it’d do that when your game is full. Atanhel needs to check reset game state, play just his turn 51 turn, save the file when it says the next player’s name (Paraseus?), and upload that save to PYDT. Make sure that he puts the save in the “Hotseat” directory, maybe what’s happening is he’s putting it in the “Single” directory and after his turn a whole round passes and then he uploads it as 52.

Thanks so much for helping us clear this up! This confirms my suspicion that the host made a mistake on his end. I’ve relayed your instructions to the host; it’s almost his turn again so we’ll hopefully be able to get things going properly shortly. I’ll keep you posted!