Raging Barbarians - Zombies - Primordial - Caotic (4fc90291)

Smack talk goes here for Raging Barbarians - Zombies - Primordial - Caotic! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/4fc90291-16af-40eb-85f3-4fde7057caa8


I will be subbing out of this game. My apologies friends. It will be best for the game. It sucks because I put hours in to designing, testing maps and settings. I hope it ends up being a good fun game. If you know of someone, please ask them to contact me.

Sorry to hear that. Any particular reason?

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Hmm, getting a mod error.

It’s me or something is wrong with faith?

why ?

Even if I produce faith the total is stuck to 15 and I can’t choose a pantheon.

you try to selet it from religions tab ?

Sometimes you can’t choose a pantheon on the same turn that someone else did, but that seems unlikely here. Also, aren’t all the Great Prophets already taken? Or, don’t you already have a great prophet? How did you get a Great Prophet without already having gotten a pantheon?

It was like I cannot store the faith I produced. I got a prophet before a pantheon and the prophet seems to have fixed the problem.
After I got the prophet I started to accumulate faith and last turn I had to choose both a religion and a pantheon.


I didn’t do any religion in this game so I don’t have anything to compare with… I’m the one civ without a religion.

It definitely was a bug, 2 turns after I got the religion my faith went to several hundreds, now is back to less than 1 hundred.

Hmm is clear OTB has a big advantage, I said we consede victory and go for other game… before all us begin dreaming with vampires… :wink: