Please Sir, May I Have Another? (d2f8766f)

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Kennedy of the Scots,

You are, of course, free to attack anytime you wish. But I feel turning our cold war into a hot war will have detrimental consequences to both our civilizations.

Many times I could have attacked you when you were violating the cold war tenets but I restrained. Your scout has roamed freely through my lands for centuries. Your great admiral has sailed into my coastal wars without retribution from me. Your cavalry has parked itself on my eastern border and I have restrained from attacking.

You say way want to liberate Indonesia. Does that mean you intend to liberate the Khmer as well? What about Canada and Kongo? Do they need liberating as well?

You have given 3 turns notice, which is nice. But 3 turns after thousands of years of relative peace??? Only a warmongering nation would do such a thing.

I await your decision.

DogBoy of the peaceful Cree

Dear Dogboy of the Cree,

Your words have gladdened our cold Celtic heart. However, while I rule with an iron hand, I am still a slave to the desires of my peoples. They wish so strongly for the new pleasures which they see in the former lands of the Indonesians.

Also, there are rumors of new metals and industrial resources to be had in these lands which would ensure the safety of my beloved subjects.

As a ruler so committed to peace, I struggle with these decisions I must make. I trust that no cities established by the Scottish, no matter how far flung from our Capital, will suffer from our disagreements, just as I would be sad to see any original cities of the Cree harmed by our different understanding of global justice.

As to the peoples of the Kongo and Canada… honestly they could be working a little harder, and the Empire of the Scots would probably not miss the drain on their precious luxuries.

As we are magnanimous and wise, and as such we would be willing to make a period of peace, if that came with concessions of trade. We do not guarantee anything beyond the initial guarantee of ten turns of cessation of hostilities, but if we become accustomed to your entertainments, we may well be sated.

Robert the Bruce

Do what you must.

The game mechanics keep trying to make me declare an emergency for your occupation of Moheno-Daro… I might have to accept to clear it from my queue. If that happens, I’ll just put my one required vote in favour. Hopefully your opposing negative vote will cancel it out.

If this ends up an emergency war, just know that I have no intention of liberating that City State… I’m not even entirely sure where it is. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you have to even select it. It shows up on the bottom right side of the screen, but if you don’t open it up, you don’t have to vote.

Unless it is doing something else…

I’d offered Jakarta returned, and that northern city with the aluminum ceded to you in return for Antananarivo and Babylon (which I was going to free) and safety for Lisbon and Mexico. Plus a bunch of trade in luxuries. I guess I didn’t actually put it through…

Interested? I can revert, or shall we just continue on trading these cities back and forth until they are no more?

I didn’t see this until now. Now I know what you meant in game when you said you offered peace deal.

I’m not interested in peace. You have your spaceports up and are on your way to launching your spaceship. Peace just gives you the opportunity to build the rest of your spaceship unhindered. We shall press on through this bloody ordeal.

Good game and well played. Lots of fun and role-playing. I will be up for another. I’m currently hosting another game and as soon as that one starts, I will start up one for us.

Well. Of course the one game I resolve to be entirely peaceful in ends in me bully nuking two cities! In my defense, I didn’t kill a single one of your troops until you started settling my continent and annexing my city states.

I pretty much spent the whole game imagining your ridiculous faith output was going to produce a giant Grand Master Chapel unit rush, which would overwhelm my slight tech superiority. My second fear was that we’d make peace and you’d use that faith to convert my whole civ for a religious win. A smaller tertiary fear was you’d get a big science boost from using the Fez bonus to science for converting cities for the first time. (you didn’t see to use that one much…)

Either way, good game! I feel like it could’ve gone either way!

I’m still typing this as I see you’ve posted your own message… we’ll see how analysis matched up. :slight_smile:

I was actually surprised you didn’t attack me in earnest early in the game. You had the superior technology and could have rolled over me. Glad you didn’t.

Ya, I waited too long to spend my faith on units. I should have spent my faith much sooner, bought units, and crushed the AI quicker. Perhaps I would have had enough cities to catch up to you in technology. One thing I learned is that anti-air guns are not considered ground units. I couldn’t spend my faith to buy them, and by that point there was no reason to spend faith to buy ground units just so you could bomb them and gain experience with your air.

As for my religion, I don’t think I picked good religious traits. My religion faltered for most of the game, even after I wiped out the Khmer their religion was still pressuring my cities. I used some faith just to stop their religion from spreading. Dang, I didn’t even think about Fez. I will remember them next time.

See you in the next one soon.