Median instead of Average


I wanted to propose calculating median of turn times for each player instead of average, if possible.
Median is more meaningful I believe in our context because if a player goes on a vacation and be away for 2 weeks, the median of their turn times will not change, but average will change.
This way, we can detect players who are slower than others and use this data for starting new games, and going on a vacation won’t impact your median turn time for the purpose of showing you are a fast player.

I am not sure if calculating median would be a lot slower than average on the server side, but worth considering this I believe if you think its a good idea.

Thanks for your great tool and service.

This is sort of why we have the long/short times, and it’s possible i can look into more bucketing in the future - the database we’re using (dynamodb) can’t do calculations like this on the fly which makes stats like this a bit complicated.