Karstenduerotin's game! (f0792f5c)

Smack talk goes here for karstenduerotin’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/f0792f5c-7569-4cf8-aef2-dbb3af102f87

I think if we get one more, we can start. What do you think?

I’m not in any rush but happy to start when you’re ready.

Wooohooo! We’re rolling!

FYI… my settler has started in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

@Mad_SMAKs t’s OK for Maori
actually it’s their very strong feature

Yeah Maori always start in the Ocean. You already have a couple of sailing techs researched and once you settle you get a builder and population.

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So, I should probably set a password? Seeing that the next player set one.

I’m completely clueless. I inherited this account from my brother, he did a few hundred turns a few years ago. :smiley:

No, you don’t set a password on PYDT. It is an automatic thing and jst protects the other player’s turns.

I hope you’re all right about the Maori but when I’ve played them in the past I’m sure I’ve always started on land. I have seen this happen once before with another Civ so don’t think it’s specific to Maori - more likely a glitch.

Kupe’s Leader Ability: Kupe’s Voyage

If Kupe is present in a game, other civs will be allocated starting positions as if there is one fewer civ in the game.
Normally, the world’s land is divided into sections equal to the number of civs in the game, and each civ is allocated a spot in each section. This allows them to be moderately well-distributed throughout the map. The Māori, however, do not have an allocated chunk of land and hence often has to settle cities close to other civs.
Start the game with your starting units in ocean tiles if the map type allows for it, skewing towards spots with no land in sight.
Before you settle your first city, gain +2 science and +2 culture per turn.
Your first city has +1 population when settled, and creates a free Builder.
Your Palace grants +3 housing and +1 amenity to its city, on top of its usual benefits.

It literally says in their description that they start on ocean tiles. You can click on the leader’s image in the upper right to get all the civ’s unique info. It’s not a glitch…

Also, you can set a password on your username in the save file to protect your turn (somewhat). You have to do it every turn but it’s a good idea.

Cheers. Thanks for that. I guess in all this time I’ve never played the Maori. :smiley:

Hmmmm there seems to be a bug. I used a Builder charge to add production to a wonder, and the production is just gone. I’m not really sure if it went into my other build. :frowning:

I believe the production goes directly to the wonder. You should have seen the turns until complete reduced.

Well, no, that is the point. Hm.

I have a hard time believing you since this is the second time you’ve cried “bug” about an extremely common part of the game.

Really? What was the first time? I’m confused.

Also, ignore my complaint. I actually didn’t use a charge to speed up the wonder, but chopped away the wood where I was going to build it. So the production went into the other project, and not the wonder, of course. I just saw I had used a builder charge and that the wonder hadn’t been charged with it. Sorry I bothered you guys. :smiley:

I was wrong, it wasn’t you who said bug earlier. Not that there is anything wrong with complaining about a bug, but twice in the same game from the same person seemed a bit much. I got it wrong though. Sorry, that’s my bad. Glad you got it figured out.

I hate you! I would have completed that wonder in this very same turn. :stuck_out_tongue: