Hyperstretch (c1162ecd)

Smack talk goes here for Hyperstretch! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/c1162ecd-71e6-48f1-834a-3c7fd49afb04

All sorts of problems trying to spawn this…had to disable all non-standard dlls. Still problems…
will continue…

I played, crashed the first try.

Ozy is Gran Columbia. Do we all have the Frontier expansion pass???

I do

Not sure what Columbian product has my forces marching so fast, but it must be a good thing…

Good coffee :wink:

Gran Colombia gets +1 movement for all units. Plus promoting a unit doesn’t end the turn which is very nice during a war.

What happened to the scientific advisors ? (btw Nice move Dogboy) How come they suddenly dropped in value ?

I don’t know why the value dropped, but I saw that it did after I bought the good one. Very weird. But I couldn’t let you get +4 science per university that would be another +40 science or more!

How mean of you…
I was chasing that, but then more lately had thought perhaps it was not ‘+4’ but simply ‘4’ per uni.
I already had 4 per uni after earlier GS, but i agree 8 would be even nicer.

I have never been accused of being mean :frowning:

Sorry…withdrawn… How successful of you…

Now that’s more like it!

Actually, I have been accused of being mean in many of my games.

Cunning? Machiavellian? Wily? Screwd? - Just trying to help out. I seem to be the opposite of whatever it is in this game.

Just trying to keep up with Ozy. His science output is high and he’s already buildling Aerodomes near my cities. Unfortunately I don’t have enough universities to make that great scientist worthwhile, but just couldn’t let Ozy snag it.

I know, I am sadly far behind both of you.

We have a problem. The game won’t load because it says I have mods that are incompatible. I disabled all mods, doesn’t work. I enabled all mods, doesn’t work. I enabled only the mods for this game, doesn’t work. All my other games are working except for this one. Did somebody add a new mod since the last turn? Maybe revert it back to Ozy and try again?

Not since the last turn but Steam does update things. Let’s push back.

Aha. Not done reversions before.
Is this something I need to do as game owner? Or do we do it individually starting at the end ?

I don’t recall adding any new mods recently - although another game I joined from the start was on about heroes of whom i know little, but I assumed this was a steam update.