Hayjohnny2000's game! (9ced7f8f)

Smack talk goes here for hayjohnny2000’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9ced7f8f-946c-4f89-aef1-0208447b39c7

World Congress as a full turn sucks!!

It sure does! It’s even more annoying when it pops up and then I can’t even participate. I suspect that cry-baby Poundmaker has been bitchin’ about me to the WC; he will be dealt with in short order!

Looks like my expansionist policies have annoyed some of the other nations!! I was thinking of letting Isin revolt anyway, then retake it in order to raze it!! Mwahahahaha (this to be said in a James Earl Jones voice).

Oooooooh that’s dark, I love it! Hang them from the Tree of Wool I say!

Expansionism is the only way. The map is brilliant, there’s still so much space to colonize :smile:

I just keep churning out settlers at the moment from my main city, cos I have the guv’na with the ability that your city doesn’t lose a citizen each time a settler is produced. It’s like a city-factory! It’s really pissing off the Cree and Incans :wink:

Art replicating real life? Maybe!

Shaka seems to be replicating very effectively! Twelve cities?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Resistance is futile!!

Shaka is insatiable! Two empires’ capitals already crushed underfoot! Most impressive.

Meanwhile, I’m getting my tits nipped by Pachacuti and his muppets. He goin’ down!

Looks like something odd with the rounds has gone on, as the Game Details is showing that it’s your turn (no problems there), but for turn 241, again!

Hmm that’s weird - could it be to do with the crumby World Congress doodah?

Are you able to take your turn? That’ll tell us.

Yup, I took it; should be your turn now :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, I didn’t get any email notification, except the one from smack talk. Anyway, that’s the Congress done.


Please do not take it wrongly, but can I ask that you use your apostles wisely. Although I am happy to have my people worshipping more than one deity, I would rather not have to look at spending from my stockpile of 2.5k faith to keep things in my territories balanced.

If you are looking to spread your religion may I suggest that Europe has many cities that currently bow to other gods.

Bah! These new religions are for unimaginative fools!

Montezuma and his people celebrate the Old Ones and the true power of the universe!

We do not have any apostles, so your 2.5k faith is safe from us :wink:

They are Inca apostles, not Aztec. My deepest apologies for my ignorance.

Your ignorance is understandable; soon, the Inca will be Aztec :crossed_swords:

… well okay, ignore the fact that I just made peace with him for now, and fast forward a couple of eras :stuck_out_tongue:

Fookin’ played this turn last night. Obviously didn’t upload it!