Frenemy (9da4b481)

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Game has started. I choose archipelago to make us go out and find your two enemies, then your friend. Good luck!

BTW, I hate Persia. I have lost with them every time I have played them so whoever is my ally, I expect great and wonderful things from you.

I just noticed Canada is in the game. Since you can’t declare surprise wars on Canada, need to denounce them when you meet them, then declare war in 5 turns.

Thank for setting this up.
I have my usual bad feeling about it.
Having a fast day today, but mitigated by glasses of red wine. So - feeling good about the bad feeling.

As Spain, just turtle up and go religion. Then when you meet your ally, spread your religion to him so you are 2/4 complete. Then get those fleets and armadas up quicker than everybody else, wipe out the enemy ships, spread religion, victory!

And drink more wine…

I will also try to give my assessment of the civilizations that have reached the people …
Frankly weak, fortunately, I do not see. In my rating, taking into account the fact that the map is marine, they are arranged like this: 1. England 2-3. Persia and Japan, 4. Spain. It should be noted that Spain is not at all a weak civilization, it just needs time to build up, which is often not given. Well, the starting terrain for her is usually not the best, therefore, only the fourth place. It seems to me that from the point of view of the balance of power it will be fair if England turns out to be an ally of Spain, but then how lucky …:smiley:

I would put them like this:

  1. England
  2. Japan
    3/4. Spain/Persia

I don’t understand you rated Persia so high. It has a decent early UU, but that won’t matter much on an island map unless other civs are near me and I kill take over their cities to give me an early boost.

But I agree it would be good if England/Spain or even England/Persia turn out to be allies.

A good Unique building, mediocre Unique unit … But, this is not the main thing - Persia is good, first of all, by Trade Ways. Domestic Trading Ways! This is especially valuable in a large empire, deprived of the possibility of foreign trade (namely, such a situation usually develops in our military games). In addition, unlike Spain and Japan, Persia often gets a good starting area. I played Persia - a nice civilization …

Persia’s unique improvement is good, but somewhat situational to get the max benefit. The trading aspect is great for always war games, agree there.

I always have great starts with Japan. Sometimes too great.Japan’s strength lies in putting districts next to each other. But when Japan has so many resources that can’t be harvested around the capital, it makes it difficult to place districts and get the max benefit.

Turn 5 and I already meet another civ. At least’s is AI and not human. And so glad it’s not Aztec or Sumeria or this game would really be difficult.

Not sure what language you guys are using sometimes. I just flooded. A good thing I guess or one of Ozy’s bad omens.

Flooding right now is probably a good thing. Nothing really got destroyed so you don’t have anything to repair. Maybe your starting warrior got wounded and that’s about it. But the benefits of having extra resources on those flooded tiles is great this early in the game.

This relentless positivity is challenging my native Albion gloom…Stop it now or i’ll have to open another bottle…

Hummm… having problems loading this…will try further…
edit: it seems steam was updating civ6 on we go through the desert…you might want to meet me sooner rather than later…

Ya, the May update messed up some games it seems. Once one person gets the patch and plays the game, everybody has to get the patch to play their turn. Once you have the update, it works…I think.

Some of the mods don’t work with the patch. Hope the mod maker updates soon.

Japan declared war on England and Persia. This means that her ally is Spain … Is everything normal? Does this alignment have no contradictions?


Must be an interesting map…

Howdy pardner!,
I am confident, based on past experience, that you can finish them off on your own (you might need to).
Rest assured you have my full moral support, and I will be praying for you - if I can ever find somewhere worth building a holy site. Hopefully will have managed this before I actually meet anyone.

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean Japan and Spain are allies. You become allies with the 3rd civ you meet. I (Persia) have met Aleks (Japan) and declared war on them. If the next civ I meet is Dan (England) I will declare war on them. And then if I meet Ozy (Spain) I will be their ally. This means Japan and England will have to make peace.

But if Japan meets Spain before any of the above happens, then yes, Japan and Spain are allies. So when Persia and England meet they will automatically be allies.

I begin to see a glimmer of hope.

If you 3 could kindly quickly destroy each other, I can later send some galleys to clean up the mess…

um, so if I meet Japan first, I declare war on them?, or need not bother…?

And what of AI? Just deal with them at our leisure or declare right away?

Declare war right away on all AI.

Ozy, if you meet Japan then they meet you at the same time, so you will be allies.

Or if all this sounds confusing we can go ahead and say Japan and Spain are allies since Spain will be the third human civ that Japan meets.