[FIXED] Game description not translating carriage returns correctly

When I paste the game template I created from the second forum post, the cartridge returns do not translate correctly. Double enter characters are required. This is pasting into a new game description.
(link removed)

I have seen other players struggle with this too. When one creates a paragraphs of sentences, they end up as a single block of text of read text.

OK, I’ve put out a new build for the website with that option enabled. I also added it to the client, but I’m not going to do a new release just for that, it’ll get out there the next time we have a client release.

thank you, the website side seems to be working well.

i understand the client side update wait.

as i have said before, the extra click to reveal game description and details in the client; i tend not to. i wish it just showed. as i have the client on my second screen.