[FIXED] Double open

In the PYDT client on Mac, when you click on the game name (Clicking on “Playing Turn: GAME NAME” in the screenshot) to open the PYDT webpage of the game, it opens the game page twice.

Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 8.53.47 PM

Hmm, I’m not able to duplicate this, is it still happening?

Yes. it still happens. To clarify, it doesn’t happen when I click on game name on the game list page.

It only happens when I click on “Playing Turn: GAME NAME”

Yeah, I dunno, I can’t get it to happen there either in a local build or in the version I download from the website. :thinking: You use Safari?

No. Firefox

maybe its a mac issue. I dont know

Yeah, I’ve been testing on Mac/safari, maybe it’s Firefox on Mac

you are right. It doesn’t happen with Safari. But it happens with both Firefox and Chrome. interesting :smiley:
(I changed my default browser and tested it with three of them)

It does sound to me that its a bug on PYDT client side, and Safari may prohibit an application to open a link twice?

OK, thanks - I think I’ve got it fixed, I’ll put out a new client release in a week or two if nothing else comes up to add to it.

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Fixed in Release 2.1.6 · pydt/client (github.com)

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