Expansion (b9947c86)

Smack talk goes here for Expansion! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/b9947c86-78c5-44fd-8163-94d774772e4d

Good luck all. I have only played him once and it was 2 1/2 years ago. Don’t think I will get much use out of the Rough Rider.

Well that didn’t take long in a large world…

Quite cozy

Well, at least you are both safe on your homeland.

Oops, that might be a matter of opinion…I do feel a bit bad about that…

Did we attack each other on the homeland? Do I need to revert a turn?

If we are not supposed to attack each other on the home island, I can leave the builder to be recaptured.
Happy to do so.
But I read the email details, and it was outside the borders… so looked like it was ok.

You are correct Ozy. That is fair game. My bad.

Thanks, that’s what friends are for - no you are correct in the game concept. I was distracted by being pissed at having a neighbor and sent him off like he was a scout. Didn’t catch it till the next turn and your scout happily popped up.

Actually, I still feel bad so will return the builder shortly…
I realised that what would make me feel even worse is offering a forcible peace now that I nicked a unit and could escape scot-free or at least for 10 turns…

That’s not a problem. Having a neighbor look to poach any unit leaving your land. That could be a problem :slight_smile:

This is beginning to look like a rather large island

The game is over. America wanted to spread its religion around the world, but that was not going to happen with Khmer in the game. Instead we captured both capitals. This was a FUN game, but also a little boring. My strategy was to use Magnus to get to level 3 and pump settlers non-stop the rest of the game to colonize all the islands, which is pretty much what I did. But the boring part was no interaction with city-states or AI civs, and no interaction with you guys until you attacked me. Not sure I want to play another game like this one again.

We were all so close up until you attack. We were so close in gold, tech, buildings, faith, etc… The only thing that saved me was the Venetian Arsenal and the P-51 mustang. Those aircraft are simply incredible.

Who wants to start up the next one? I started the last 2.

Yea, that was odd. The Venetian Arsenal seems to be a bit over the top. Hard to compete with it. The fighting started pretty balanced but got away quickly.

I like the premise though both times I feel like I was in a corner with little room to grow. Resources always scarce. No good place to colonize.

Let’s see where Ozy stands. I don’t get the feeling he is chomping at the bit for more.

I’m fine with another one like this if you want Dan, hopefully you get a better starting position this time. Maybe we ban the Venetian Arsenal? I’m in games where that wonder is banned.

It may have ended up slightly dull (ah, here comes Dogboy’s army again, what does that remind me of?) , but I was inspired for quite some time by how close in initial development we all were. If Dan & I were not crammed on the same landmass and it had been a genuine 3-way I think it would have stayed more intriguing for probably a lot longer. Once the implications of the Venetian Arsenal appeared then the long strips of distant cities were clearly doomed in the absence of too late airpower.

I agree venetian arsenal and islands are not a good fit.

I would quite like to try this format again, and ok with immediately, or perhaps after the next game.
I can set up the next 2 games, what would you like ?

Dan, your antennae are both sensitive and not in error. But, at minimum, I could do with the distraction

I’m fine with the same settings as Expansion. Keep the same settings, but ban the Venetian Arsenal.

I have the Frontier Expansion Pass if anybody else has it.

I will buy that now anyway, in case I can persuade my son to play elsewhere.

Is there a way to actually ban the arsenal, or do we simply need to agree not to build it?

…got it…

You can’t ban it in game. You can only ban it by everybody agreeing not to build it. It seems to be common in more games these days.

I’m playing my first Frontier game with Simon Bolivar. I had a completely horrible start. Still only have 1 city by turn 53. Barb camp spawned horse archers that kill my slingers. Not much fun.