Eras - Starting games in later eras

Industrial Start

  1. You start with 500 gold. (Suggestion: use that to buy a settler)

  2. First City is 7 population. Next cities are 7 or 4. You get an extra settler, a free trader. Plus some units. Units can embark from turn 1.

  3. You get a free builder in your first two cities. (Suggestion: Put in the builder +2 policy before you settle) And of course builders can chop from turn 1.

  4. You get 500 faith. So you can pick pantheon on turn 1 (but the free settler pantheon is not that useful tbh.)

  5. You get some free envoys.

  6. Campus, Commercial Hub, and Theatre Square starts with their lv.1 buildings, meaning that once you build the district the most basic building will be there. I think this will influent Commercial Hub most.

  7. You get some free Governor Titles. Magnus’s one making settler doesn’t drop population can be useful.

  8. Some old wonders are gone, like the Pyramids, so there’s no way to build those.

  9. So are some old Great Persons.

  10. Finally, cities starts with walls.

  11. No religion

  12. Also people will compete for some Renaissance wonder (e.g. Potala and Forbidden City) since they are available on Turn 1.

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