Epic Yurope! - Fixed version (ea6847e9)

Smack talk goes here for Epic Yurope! - Fixed version! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/ea6847e9-4fe4-43a6-b76e-fb0f96a0d96d

Leaving from tomorrow until Sunday night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


(Epic Yurope! - Fixed version)

Hi all,

Sorry about this delay. I’m travelling abroad January the 10th and will be away for two months or so. I’ve also been busy due to preparation, Christmas, etc. Unfortunately, I’ll have to be replaced.

@kilpa @Leviathan @HappyCamper Would any of you guys be willing to be my replacement? @mrosack

Good luck to all and see you soon!

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Mh - no player in sight. I guess Mesias will be replaced by an AI, ok?

Fine by me-- there is a lot of delayed games in general due to the Holidays, so might want to try poking some over steam, but I’m good with just swapping in an AI if need be. Re-pinging: @kilpa @Leviathan @HappyCamper for interest check beforehand.

An official PYDT Discord channel has been setup here https://discord.gg/wP7THyu for anyone interested.

Hi, I’m happy to take over.

@mrosack Could you replace @Mesias-G with @HappyCamper ?


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New game open, “Surely we can agree to be civil about this?” pw: teacup. Culture & Diplomatic victories only

Good luck all! I’m a single city away from my death rattle :smiley: going to surrender dishonorably :smiley:

Just realized we just passed the second anniversary of this game last week!

slow game

getting slower…

I wonder if RobReman even plays anymore? Maybe another month we get the admin to bump the game along.

@BobReman hope everything is okay for you buddy. One of the most active people on the site to just suddenly vanish has me concerned. Really hoping to hear from you soon man.

I sent a friend request on steam a week back, no response there yet either… I’m personally in no rush to finish this game and if Bob doesn’t return, we may as well just scrap it IMO.

Did you mean to post this for another game though, @DogBoy511 ? You aren’t in this game, I don’t think pushing Bob out of his slot is appropriate.

I am in this game, I’m the Romans. No, I don’t want to push Bob out of his game. But if he doesn’t want to play anymore then no reason to keep the game. I’m also fine not continuing.

Hi @onesixty2 - I’m really sorry and thank you for your kind words.

Actually I’m quite fine, but more than busy right now. My 3rd child was born and I’m currently in the middle of preparing our move to Germany (we moved to Switzerland 8 years ago and now going back).
As you might see in my steam account: In the small time windows without any child or move or house stuff I’m currently playing Hearts of Iron 4.
Currently I need a break from Civ6 - so I will surrender all existing games.

Best regards!

Glad everything is okay. Was fun playing with ya, GGs.

I’m not really feeling like playing out an Epic game with only three of the original 8, sorry folks. This was a fun one, and I was enjoying it, but it’s already been a two-year old game. I don’t even remember what the board looks like.