Easyzivi's game! (2716917c)

Smack talk goes here for easyzivi’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/2716917c-833f-4ccb-8842-8a6e86cbca4d

Hi all

lets wait for the last player - looking forward to the game
how regularly roughly can you do the turns?

ok folks,
I have started it,
its my first time so quite excited here. I hope I have set it up correctly. I left the preset difficulty on Prince - all good with that?
Also: When finishing my move I pressed “next turn”, I then saw the starting location of the second player - is that intended?
Good luck

It behaves like a hotseat game then I guess

Normally you aren’t able to see the next starting location… the start turn for the next person should have been greyed out… weird… no big deal though as long as on your next turn you can’t still continue to see the next players activities.

yes, its the hotseat mode-
a shame we already get to know the civs of all the players before having to scout that information…
now looking at it - I hope you dont think I reloaded for scythia (which i havent)
@rillithain: I am happy to send you a printscreen of my location as well

Which timezones are you guys in?
I am located in CET timezone.

CET too
rillithain- did your turn work as intended?

I’m in Eastern time zone.
No need to show me your starting location easyzivi - i’m fine… i’m usually the first player out anyway, so it won’t change anything :smile:

Yes, my turn played as expected

Hi, I am UK timezone.

Just one comment about starting, for future reference:
Some players, when starting a new game, will cycle through the start positions of every player - just to check no-one gets tundra or ‘a bad start’. This saves people quitting later when they realise things are hopeless. If all starts are ok, they continue and upload the first save to the website. If not, they respawn and try again.

Good luck everyone.

last 3 games i’ve played, i’ve had tundra lol… i was starting to think civ 6 was set in alaska

@zarkuon: thanks for the tip - thats what I will do for the next game
@Rillithain: I think as russia you have a tundra start bias, with the better yields you should be ok
I hope the other get decent starts- eg vikings without sea access I find annoying

i am out tonight, can do my turn only by tomorrow, sry

i am wondering - is there a way to see enemy movement in the hotseat mode? eg. could I see a barbarian scout moving towards my city?

Once in range you see them move yes


I am loving it so far!
you guys are amazing, how can you do those turns so quickly? don`t you sleep at all?
One question: could I hear new barb camps spawning like in single player mode?

I think you here a sound when they spawn in territory you scouted before

That was a quick declaration of war… those scouts of mine must have been very frightening looking :wink:

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Who declared war on who?

easyzivi did just the last turn