Earth random civ (0a8648f4)

Smack talk goes here for Earth random civ! Game URL:

Sorry for the mess guys, i thought i’ve changed player order but i didn’t notice the save changes button… :man_shrugging:

:slight_smile: it is life :slight_smile: average turn looks good

@Dim4anskiy bro? Is everything ok?

Is there a discord channel for this game, or should we communicate here?

No there is not a discord channel, we may communicate here.

I request to be ruled irrelevant and quit this game. It’s extremely boring because I am stuck on a small Australian continent that is 80% desert and has no luxury resources. I have no land to expand into because Indonesia (duh) and IIRC Mongolia have occupied the islands to the north of me. Most of my units are “on alert” because I have nothing useful to do with them. I’ll wait a couple of days to see if anyone objects, then I’m going to surrender.

you can colonize africa :slight_smile:

I hadn’t thought of that. Do you happen to know how much of Africa is colonized at the moment?

all of it

So I can’t colonize Africa. Maybe Antarctica is available :wink:

Seriously, I will surrender in 2 days unless someone objects. Your game will move faster with me not in it.

what? i thougt there is only 1 @andrewsmart48 's city in africa and 3 or 4 CSs

Hi, I don’t understand why someone people play this game… Hey I have no place for my cities I can fuck this game… He can ry attack me or mongols. We are in war so why don’t try it… I don’t understand to these players… What I would gave for this good starting position without Mongols :smiley: or others without Persia…

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@Michaqel Greetings to Korea. We offer you a military alliance, It can help you to resist against mongolian aggression

Persia talks about aggression?? I think we should all unite against them

But now we are friends so forget about it…

Korea and Persia were never enemies :smiling_face_with_tear:

Korea wants do business. My trade routes are open to all. I am happy that Korea can living in peace with big Mongolian and Persian people.

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I’m sure Korea knows that we stand between them and Persia, if Mongolia gets conquered then the game will be over for them too. I’m sure Michaqel will play it smart.