(draft) Alone in the Dark invitational (ca26a023)

The Americans are already importing Marble. Hence the trade rejections sorry.

no problem !

Hmm, doesnt the rules in this game say that all resource trading is banned, including luxury?

Where this is? This games details say:

Gold / Resource trading banned
Gold trading for gold per turn is banned
Resource trading is banned

…it doesnt mention anything about luxuries being an exception to that :thinking:

gold to loan gold or for resources is banned due eploits… not problem with trade lux or lux for gold…

Ok, I missed that. Could be a bit clearer though as the same wall of text states it differently at the bottom :smiley:

no problem ! after some games you learn to read the rules carefully :grin:

It would have been clearer to say Strategic Resource trading banned.

I think I might have too many games in progress so hard to remember all the rules :sweat_smile:

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@Ramiro My mods show this level of trade detail. So you can see how duplicate this offer is. No extra benefit normally from extra copies of luxuries right?

no idea… will check… rare normaly I check what you and me need before propose a deal…

FWIW I list my PLAY PYDT Profile mods at the bottom of my modding post.

all ok Timo ?

About time! GG!

I too am waiting for that time. Thanks for playing and look forward to the next one.

thank dand for stand utill the end ! GG ! and nlla too !!

GG to all thx for the good game !

Congrats Ramiro. Well played.