[DONE] Sub Player

Can you please substitute @andrewsmart48 for @bruindane.


Thank you.

You want me to replace andrewsmart48 with bruindane? Can you get someone involved in this game to post here? Thanks!

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I can confirm that we need to have @andrewsmart48 (China) replaced by @bruindane. Bruindane has been playing andrewsmart48 turns for the last few months using his token.

Why we need the replacement (instead of just using the token) is that once bruindane is in place for China, we are also going to need @marcopolothefraud (Australia) replaced with andrewsmart48. marcoplothefraud has disappeared and we want to continue this game to conclusion.
Thanks, Woden

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yes that’s what we need please.

OK, thanks for the clarification, I think the game should be good now!

it is thanks.