[DONE] Difficulty to start game Sekondo


I am sorry bothering you. I have started games before, but must have forgotten how to do it.

Game Sekondo will have 8 players, 4 A.I. I have set myself as first player and invited Player2 to the game. He has succeeded to enter, but now I am not able to Create Save File.

I get


Sorry, we ran into an error.

Error Message: Expected civ 2 to be AI/Dead!

This is unexpected. What does it mean and how do I solve the problem?

Is civ 2 the same as Player2?

I have planned to “start” the game with us two players and then ask the others to join. Is it better to let them join first and upload the save file afterwards?

– Stormumriken

(I will ask more members to join, while waiting for an answer, one at a time.)

it’s saying civ 2 there because it’s 0-indexed, so it should really say civ 3, i’ll fix that. But in any case, do as the start game screen asks and only add 2 human players, not 8. Since your game only has 2 human players right now it’s expecting only 2 human players.

When I made a start file with 2 humans and 10 ais, it works.

Thanks for at quick answer!
– Stormumriken