[DONE] Dead game still shows in the client and "your games"

This game has been played to the victory screen 6 months ago and everybody left, but somehow it is still there! Maybe it is only for me as if I recall there was some kind of error when I surrendered.

Pangea Game

Hopefully it should be gone the next time you play a turn, I added some code to validate your active game list when it’s building the cached list of games.

Ok bad went to worse. Initially I saw no change and the dead game was still sitting there. I decided to give it a bit of time.

I don’t know it it is related but starting today my turns would not update in the client. But they still do on the website. Tried rebooting the computer, no help. I was looking at various options in the client and clicked once on the “Clear storage” option in the debug menu to see if it would open other options or information. I got served a “enter your token screen” that I cannot exit. I even uninstall PYDT, rebooted the computer then re-installed it, and it still sends me in that screen when the program opens !!

I have Pangea as well and have been getting some weird behavior from the client. Tells me I have a turn when I don’t and get an error loading (NewNormity). Email notifications seem to have stopped. Tried some of the stuff Max did except for the uninstall. Kind of strange.

There were issues with email/client notifications the other day, but i think it’s all cleared up, are you still having issues @MaxWar / @dand4444?

and @MaxWar - did you enter your token from your profile page on the website?

@mrosack No I did not, I did not know what would happen and did not want to make it worse. I am still getting the token prompt and cannot go back.

@MaxWar - the token prompt is standard behavior - you cleared the storage so the client doesn’t know who you are. You need to enter the token from your profile page so the client can identify you.

Ok got it! That worked, and the Pangea game is finally gone, thanks for the help!

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