CPL Novice Pangaea FFA (1a5842f8)

Smack talk goes here for CPL Novice Pangaea FFA! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/1a5842f8-c12b-455e-a47b-50a6b5bf53fc

Is there a discord channel for this game?


What is it please? I can’t find it.

I tagged you.

I still can’t find it. I’m not very proficient with Discord.

Unlucky. #8player-pangaea. Just go to the last channels in the cloud section it’s pretty easy to find.

#8player-pangaea is a different game than this. I can’t find the discord channel for this game.

I still can’t find the discord channel for this game.

We should discuss kicking @FraminOJ for not playing or communicating in over 7 days. He is over 8 days in another game that have with him. He played real-time on 11/25 according to @Linda7.

I tagged you again in the discord channel and posted a link to it in the cloud general chat channel on discord.