Conditional War (e018ac47)

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Aleks must declare war against all major civs the turn he meets them. He is the only one where the condition “always war” is valid. Others can enter into wars or alliances, as well as trade based on their own benefits. Both among themselves and with computer opponents.

In the event Aleks is weakened (moving to the last place in points), everyone concludes peace with Aleks (except for the Player who is in the first place in terms of points), and immediately declares war on the Leader (in case of impossibility of an immediate war due to the mechanics of the game, they cut off as much as possible military and economic interaction and declare war at the earliest opportunity). The war goes on until the Leader is again moved to the last place in terms of points. And so on until there are two Players left. In this case, the war continues “all against all”, including computer players (if they still remain in the game).

To prevent confusion about who is the “leader” it needs to be announced in here.

hi , can i join ? if yes , i need password .

can i play hammurabi or is it random leader ?

The game has started. I had to work all weekend so just got around to it. Land mass is large splintered fractal. I disabled the two water mods we used last game.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

And it starts…

С новым годом

I’m guessing Aleks found you?

(yes, btw)

I am savouring this moment for as long as I can.

I am ahead in research… :medal_sports:

sic transit…

Something weird going on. PYDT is flipping between I have played my last turn then I have not.

Should I revert back to my turn and play again?

Let’s see how it goes…I thought I had made a valid upload before it started flipping, and now it appears stable.

GG all…

Thanks for playing!

GG. Sorry we never got to meet.


After a series of petty mistakes on my part, whatever thin hopes I had of catching up are now extinguished.

Goodbye, cruel world…

GG Ozy. I won’t be far behind you. I got wedged on this tiny land and got so far behind. I think I’m entire 2 eras behind.

Yes, at the beginning of the game, Ethiopia made me nervous… The gap in science is the key to victory in the war! However, we were lucky with geography - the nearest neighbor, Scythia, was isolated from its allies, and Ethiopia did not help the Scythians, but took up the conquest of its neighbors. If Ethiopia had sent its troops towards the Maya from the very beginning, and prevented them from conquering Scythia (Germany could have participated here, at least with economic help), the game would have turned out to be much more interesting. And now, when Maya, due to conquests, has gone far ahead in terms of science and culture, Germany alone will not be able to oppose anything to it. I propose to end this game, due to the lack of intrigue in the future.

I never got off my rock until just recently. I still don’t know what the world looks like. Sounds good on ending the game. I will surrender and start another. Same conditions.

I also did not get off my rock until fairly late, and am fairly sure I did not know who or where Scythia was to be able to think of helping them. Still, leading at anything for a chunk of the game was fun because unusual - but I still misplayed my nascent fleet on more than one occasion. And my rock was smallish, so needed lebensraum to have any chance of catching up on production. Looking forward to another.