Claebourn (e4bd4fba)

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Travadão - you joined and replaced an AI, but will you be playing? It has been almost 2 weeks.
I can’t @ his user id though… its not working when i try

I think he’s gone. Would it be possible to kick him?

Heya guys, mind if i join in?

Sure, but I wouldn’t suggest India… its not going to be there soon

ahh well, i joined as India… surrendered after that post, thanks…
Have a good game :slightly_smiling_face: :slight_smile:

All nice, all great, but now when I finish my turn the following player appears as Scienidez which makes me unable to send my save file to the system.

ahh crap… i rejoin… hang on…

EDIT: But i cant, for some reason all i can do is, “surrender” agian… and that makes an error?
Sorry… for messing this up :confused: Anything i can do?

I reverted the turn back to claebourn. He plays again, then I do so and hopefully the system will no longer claim it is your turn to play. It should be ok. No worries.

geez… warmongering penalties are brutal in this game. Its like the game doesn’t want anyone going to war…

Hey guys,

I will be away until Sunday 22.12.18.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think something is wrong with this game. Its been over 100 turns since I’ve been at war with India, yet, I still have the same war weariness in Delhi. It hasn’t dropped since I declared peace with India.

I have that stupid bug again, -9 from war weariness, but I haven’t been at war for over 10-12 turns… it has pretty much screwed me up most of this game for that city.

Hey guys,

I will be away until Sunday.
Sorry about that, but it’s a family trip.:slight_smile:

Looks like evilronai left quite a few games…
I think it is safe to say that you won this game @dragonbits42 I can’t do much in this game right now. I don’t have enough room to expand