Barbarian Clans in the playing zone (e5d4d712)

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So did we all pick a civ we want? Or did we pick a civ we hope we stick somebody else with?

You are correct. You pick a civ for the pool.

I think I have bettered the pool.

@zarquonwhereareyou - please pick a leader that will be pooled.

I have updated the mod links, so just check you have both mods.

… and away we go.

I just want to confirm my data on start time on your playing zone for this game’s common playing zone.
Could be off by an hour because of DST or not.

The start time of your playing zone (or one off) is listed below. This is the period that are peaking turn counts.
Valamas 8am (-3 utc) for 5 hours
Ramiro 5pm (20 utc) for 6 hours
petrojbl 7pm (-5 utc) for 7 hours
geoffgreene511 10am (-4 utc) for 4 hours
zarquonwhereareyou 8pm (-4 utc) for 6 hours
Yog Sothoth 5pm (-4 utc) for 4 hours

I’m at UTC-10 hours. I live in Hawaii.

Thanks, I did have that in.
Is 10am a general starting time for a playing zone of yours? give or take an hour.

No. I play between 4:00am-5:00am, 6:00am-7:00am, then 6:00pm-9:00pm during the week. On the weekends I play throughout the day.

All hours for all players are in +11 (+10 DST). (That’s how I got the data). Red is above average and blue is a playing zone.

Using the first red hour that is the earliest a player has a red hour as part of the player’s playing zone.

This is data from all my games

I am near to retake a rebel city …any unit disturbing my military operations or comiting any act of pillage against me or the rebels will be not tolerated !.. (basically Val your slinger is not wellcome in the area this time…)

I’m just scouting and a unit of theirs got in my way and yours too. I’m actually travelling west after discovering that free city unit, and it chase me. I defend myself. (thanks for posting public)

I think Nick sums up the dark mood some of us are having.

I know I’m getting a dark age. Was so close to getting the heroic age but fell short.

friendly reminder

banned - Strategic resource trading

The Norwegians don’t want the Spinning Fish religion. Keep out.

Fish, Norway, you would think there would be open arms. Spinning ones too!
I may have spread early on (I don’t remember). I’m not actively spreading to you. I’m hitting city states.

I will agree if you have a follower in my civilization or promise within 10 turns to spread to one of my pop (because I can’t check right now if you do or not).

That apostle was going to a CS. I will pass through your lands, peacefully, silently. You will not even see a rose petal move.