Autumn Goon Game vol. II (51754463)

Smack talk goes here for Autumn Goon Game vol. II! Game URL:

Restarting due to the spawning bug that made players start in the worst available location instead of the best one. If you get a shitty start again, please let me know ASAP.

And it’s on. If anyone has an unplayable start again, please let me know right away. But hopefully it works out fine now.

Please restart, my sea-based civilization spawned in a desert.

Joking aside, my start is pretty dang good this time. I’m fine with sticking with this one as long as everyone else has an acceptable start too.

Well you’re joking but… we’re going to restart anyway, see Rome here: :frowning:

So yeah, I’m cancelling this game right now. Here’s the new one, and this one will actually be the last one because I’m going to personally make sure that all starting positions are OK, although it means I will have to play one turn as each of you so I’ll get to see your starting positions. Better than having to restart again, though.

Come on in, I’ll send the password in a PM: