All DLC, come Rise and Fall (9a2c74b9)

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Have fun and good luck all!

I’m hanging on by the thread of :effort: at this point. Just wanted to get you both updated as I feel as though I’m nearly deadweight in this game: I’ll be moving August 20th, and will be driving for quite a few days as a result. I’ll be dropping out by then if I’m still in at that point, don’t want to hang up the game for 5+ days when realistically, I’m not going to be swaying anything at the rate i’m re-establishing myself.

It’s great that you’re still playing but frankly, I don’t think we can blame you if you go AI. At this point this game seems to largely be down to me vs. Alexander. You’re the only one of the “minor” powers who hasn’t dropped yet - I assumed it’s because, as you’ve mentioned over at SA, you have like 20 other games going anyway so this is only a couple of minutes more. But yeah, if you want to drop, it’s probably fine. Thanks for staying so long and letting us know.

Alright, well in order to not delay your close gameby a week+ during my move, it is time for my exit… good game, friends! Will see you in the next.

Thanks for playing! I’ll post some screenshots once the game ends.