6 Seats, No AI, Continents, BBS, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (4bebaa32)

Smack talk goes here for 6 Seats, No AI, Continents, BBS, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/4bebaa32-e28e-4f82-9d8c-efaca35f9490

I’ll use the same bans unless someone wants to change:
Mr T800 - zulu
Perro Malo - Germany
Briguy - Mapuche
Otherrealism - Kupe
Nugz - Babilon

And we are still waiting the ban of the 6th player that joins the game. =)

@Calcifer which one is gonna be ur ban?

I ban Rome

OK, This messaging seems to be working this morning so maybe I will stop getting error messages now?
I ban nuclear weapons.

Are you banning Civ Leaders because you dont want to get them yourself or because you dont want to play as them?

I personally always try to ban Kupe since it is awful playing against them. They just show up on your door turn 10, and f everything up for you. Most of the bans is because some civs are strong and unbalanced, and people ban them.

you can use both criteria, sometimes i use one, sometimes i use the other

If we are going to ban nuclear weapons, this should be by unanimous or majority vote. Also, I would ban GDRs before nuclear weapons, they are more unrealistic. We could vote on both.

I vote to not ban anything contained in the game, if you are gonna ban a civ joe pls call ur ban, btw, as mr t800 didnt join the game ill switch my ban to zulus
Or if you dont wanna ban we can go as well.

ill ban Babylon

OK I can get into the discussions if I go back to your link to it.
As far as banning a civ leader Elenor of Englan I guess

SO I can obviously type messages today

OK I have PYDT on my task bar finally, Than

Not my turn

Good luck to everyone, may the force be with u

Guys, we need to remake the game again as joe had a problem again, he says he is not going to join us any more so we are gonna invite someone else, please join the game in this link https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/e6b08189-7163-41dc-98dc-61b9c1b1693e
same settings =)
I apologize for the inconveniences.

you could remake the game on steam play by cloud instead

well… you are right, then I’ll make it via PBC, join with this code 9Zq9Y and select Pool 1 to avoid banned civs