5xOCC "Duel" (90df7888)

Smack talk goes here for 5xOCC “Duel”! Game URL: Play Your Damn Turn!

I see you picked the most scary ancient era civ. I’m glad to see the war-carts were nerfed a bit in the bbg mod. :sweat_smile:

Never done a OCC. I don’t wanna early rush someone with unique units so I’m just hoping to get by with regular units and hope I won’t get rushed.

What happens if a player captures a capital?

I’m not sure. I actually chose Sumeria for their science bonus, but the war-carts were an unexpected bonus.

I don’t know what happens if you capture a capital. You can’t raze it. I guess you have to give it back? Really unsure…maybe the other player is out and then you starve it to nothing and don’t let it produce any units in the meantime? Good question!

I thought about random civs but that seemed a bit problematic for OCC.

Welcome @☭ω☭ Fhtagn ☭ω☭ …not sure if he’s in this forum.

If you see this, when is your usual play time on a work day and what tim

@Yeti_la_Pesadilla @Mr_Six two slots left!!

Yeah, I asked my gaming group and got one to join. That’s great. Welcome!
I hope we can fill the other two spots soon.

I’ve got really flexible hours, so will usually get to my turn pretty quick - exceptions for monday nights (when I play with @J_Dennis) and thursday nights when I play with another group xD

Nice, I’ll probaby put you before Dennis in turn order then.

Just a question: does Dennis usually win your games, or are you all just as beast mode as him?

Haha! We have got stats on that. I have won 6 of 16 games. I haven’t won since game 9 though so it’s a good while ago. I won some early games when the others weren’t very familiar with the game.

Well, I’m very new in his group, so all I can say so far is that I’m not as beastmode as he is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty solid record, as I’d expect! How many in your group?

Discord question: do you use the PYDT webhook (I think that’s the word) when you code the bot that sends out turn notifications?

I actually have a Discord server that’s so far mostly unused, so I’m open to giving it a whirl if it’s easy enough.

Yeah, pydt uses the same webhook format as civ 6 does so it was easy to just paste the link in the pydt game page.
We’re using IFTTT to convert the webhook so discord understands the code it’s receiving. I followed a guide. Try searching the web for “IFTTT civ 6 discord webhook” or something.

Edit: I built the hook for civ 6 Play by Cloud for almost two years ago. Way before we started using PYDT

So we’re using better balanced start, better balanced game and multiplayer helper?

Are we using the OCC game mode that’s in multiplayer helper or are we just not building settlers?

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We have been seven or eight players in our recent games depending on player availability.
Until six months ago we were usually six players. The play by cloud and pydt turns takes way longer with eight players than six.

We’ll use the mode that’s there. I wonder how it handles any city conquests. Auto-raze?

Hey it just occurred to me that this game, with two in Auckland and two in Sweden, could go fairly quickly…whoever else we get I just put in the middle, most likely. @Yeti_la_Pesadilla it could still be you! I’ve advertised the game on 3-4 discord channels…should get started soon!

I read somewhere that cities start tith all the tiles within 3 rings and can build a unit to claim tiles outside that radius to secure strategics and luxuries.

Yeah, don’t know about the conquering.

That sounds interesting!! We have 5 so I’ll be firing this up soonish.

So what’s the playing order?
Onan, Jens, Dennis, Ceryn, Six?

Almost, you and Jens are swapped. That’s much easier to say than Fhtagn! :sweat_smile:

I am starting the game up now, but there is a chance Ceryn will want to pick a civ rather than be whatever random hands him. So be prepared for a restart, just in case.