4 seats for 4 humans, no stupid AI's (d6a28836)

Smack talk goes here for 4 seats for 4 humans, no stupid AI’s! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/d6a28836-d426-47e3-af21-470c6ea5f3f2

thanks for creating the game. can you please create this new game with prince difficulty? and civilized barbs

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whats civilized barbs? barbarian clans mode?

FWIW I would join the next game with similar settings

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no, not the barbs clans mode. if we are using BBG BBS, in the barbarian settings, there is an option with “civilized” barbs. By enabling it, barbs will spawn with lower chance after the beginning of the game. in the “balanced” mode, they keep appearing until turn 60 and its just annoying.

@Taco1 hi bro! will you be able to make 2 turns per day? if yes, pls write civ you want to ban :slight_smile:

playing frequently nowadays, even 4 if possible. ban mongolia

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wtf, i’m sure that a saw it will be in online speed, but is standard, you changed it?

I also prefer online speed. if we can restart, even with same civs, it would be better.

oh, sorry
It was my bad, twice) I wanted to create a standard speed game, just like previous one) but messed up with settings and changed it after start, because i thought that everyone prefers standard over online

ofc we can abandod this game and I can create a new one, but I want to play standard speed :slight_smile:

sorry, i cannot play standard speed, i’m leaving