3 humans (19b250dd)

Smack talk goes here for 3 humans! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/19b250dd-3ad5-4cce-a7ed-c037734574c2

Ready when yall are.

I´m sorry, Having troubles with my computer. I´ll try reply as soon as posslble… :frowning:

Window 7 crashed and reinstall. Now Civ VI don´t works…

Good news !!!
The game was launched. My computer works again !!!
Good luck and good math to all players!!! :slight_smile:

I’m so used to playing on slower modes that I was confused for a moment at a 3 turn scout.

Hi Mel.
Any problem with the match ?

Nope, I’m just a dummy that started a new job. I’ll run my turn when I get home tonight.

I’ll be out on vacation until August 12th. Just an FYI.

I will also be on vacation until August 16th.
And after 23 to 30 I will also be traveling.