There’s no real changes in this release - the 2.0.0 release wasn’t able to upgrade 1.6.0 windows to 2.0.0 because of the change in updater/installer format. This release fakes an upgrade in the old format (playyourdamnturn-2.0.2-full.nupkg and RELEASES), which really just contains the new installer. The new installer runs, and the PYDT client will check for the old client on startup and run the uninstaller to get rid of it. See here if you’re interested in the details: https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder/issues/837#issuecomment-614127460.

(2.0.1 was deleted because I fixed a bug preventing the app from closing when you pressed the update button)

Duplicating the note from 2.0.0: IF YOU USE START CLIENT ON BOOT you’ll need to uncheck the box in settings, save, and then recheck the box because the actual location of the app on the hard drive has changed.