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I can’t create a game with the Rise and Fall expansion. I have the game and can play it single player. What am I doing wrong?

Can you give me more info? Where are you running into problems? Can you post a screenshot? Thanks!

I click the button at the top of the screen “Open Games”. Then I click the “Create Game” button. I can select all the DLCs, the size, the speed, the number of civs, and my leader choice. However, there is no option to select Rise and Fall civs or the Rise and Fall DLC. I have Rise and Fall, I have played Rise and Fall (single player). I just can’t create a game here with the Rise and Fall expansion. The client I’m running is 1.2.1.

Argh! I fixed the problem. For some reason I had to hit the “refresh” button on my browser. As soon as I did that the Rise and Fall showed up, and the “Donate!” button showed up on my bar. I have no idea why I had to do this, but glad it’s working.

Yeah, I’m not sure I had the caching settings appropriately configured, so it was possible to have a stale version of the website if you come to the website frequently. Hopefully that’s now fixed going forward, thanks!

1.2.1 gives me a java error everytime only way i am able to play is 1.2.0

Any more details? I haven’t had lots of bug reports, so I’m assuming this is something local to your setup. Can you send a screenshot?

Maybe it’s related to this bug that I just fixed? [FIXED] Sorry, we ran into an error. on Open Games